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    Post by Admin on Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:39 pm

    For raiding, in general, Flasks are better than elixirs. Elixirs are more situational than anything else and will be dependent on battle. So we need to concentrate on flasks.


    AV - Azshara's Veil
    CB - Cinderbloom
    HB - Heartblossom
    SV - Stormvine
    TJ - Twilight Jasmine
    WT - Whiptail

    VL - Volatile Life

    Primary Flasks

    Flask of the Winds - +300 Agility - hunter, rogue, enh shaman
    Flask of Titanic Strength - + 300 Strength - Mdps
    Flask of the Draconic Mind - + 300 Intellect - caster dps
    Flask of Flowing Water - + 300 Spirit - healer
    Flask of Steelskin - +450 Stamina - tank - basic buff, changes with fight

    Potions (major)

    Mythical Healing Potion
    Mythical Mana Potion


    Prismatic Elixir - + 90 magic resistance - situational, good for tank mainly, but sometimes whole raid

    Potions (minor) - highly situational, emergency dps/heal/survivabilty

    Golemblood - +1200 Strength for 25 sec
    Tol'vir - +1200 Agility for 25 sec
    Volcanic - +1200 Intellegence for 25 sec
    Earthen - +4800 Armor for 25 sec
    Speed - (WotLK) - +500 haste for 15 sec
    Wild Magic - (WotLK) - +200 Crit and Spell Power for 15 sec.


    Deathblood Venom - reguired with 1 of each major flask (except Flowing water) for Cauldron of Battle

    With this in mind, we need to concentrate on Primary flasks and Potions (major) to get started raiding, all others should wait until we have a good stock of these.

    Therefore for mats we need (in order of most required)

    Volitile LIfe - required by most, need a lot
    Twilight Jasmine
    Azshara's Veil

    For Alchemists using mats, please concentrate on making flasks, until we have a good stock, even to the point of not making anything even if we have mats for it, but not a flask

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