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    Solstice - Our first DS10


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    Solstice - Our first DS10 Empty Solstice - Our first DS10

    Post by Sayora on Sun May 06, 2012 12:55 am

    As I write this, I find myself pleased and heartened with an undying happiness with this newly formed guild. The members that have amassed for events in this game have proven themselves to be both teachers and students (Which according to an elderly, spit-fire-of-a-woman, Italian Lady is the meaning of life.) in almost every aspect, and around every turn.

    This group of players began taking steps towards progressive raiding approximately two, to three weeks ago (Some starting at level 81 at the 3 week point.) and has been noted to have gone balls to the walls to gear up, to get ready and present themselves to the final bosses in the WoW compendium of end-game raid bosses. Tonight was a feat accomplished, not only on a guild-first level, but on many personal levels as well.

    Half of the members had either: Not raided. Not seen end game content. Or if they had, they'd seen a make-shift version of it through WoW's LFR function (Which sends all 10man raid mechanics to hell in a handbag. Vera Wang, probably.)

    Courageously, we partied. Tentative. Hyped. Adrenaline was thick in the air! "Okay, where do we go?", asked one player. "To the Wyrmrest Temple!", came the reply. Someone reading this must have just done a doubletake or snickered under their breath. Moments drew close and our awaited, newly appointed raid leader Vern was the last to show up and I let a shaky breath relax. We were both summoned to Northrend and, "Alright, lets get going and head inside.", I called out. Everyones mounts stirred a little and, like a confused swarm of fish, we followed one another in mock circles until we came across a portal that... wouldn't let us in. It seemed we'd done something wrong!

    Confused, we watched each others' mounts flap for a while until Vern quietly asked "Are we doin' OS3D or somethin'?" ... "No...", I replied grinning. None of us knew where we were supposed to go, to be.. No one had said anything! "We're doin' DS, right? Ya'll know that's in Caverns of Time...?", came the rumbling southern drawl. Laughter erupted and so went ten people scrambling to award themselves with the remainder of their dignity to being located in the right place. I tucked my tail and slinked along laughing. "This is why we don't let Say raid lead!!", came my protest.

    There was talk about firing me and was promptly squashed when Verns characters' name was pointed out as 'Yourfired'.

    We finally made it there, got lost on the way in twice and visited another raid instance before being faced with the big uglies known as trash. "Lets get 'em!", came the call from a tank with a prompt 'No, wait!" from everyone elses mind. Ever seen the movies with the invisible, mental force field? Yep, he stopped. Phew!

    Trash was explained and we got our first loot! More drops, more loot, more gold! Then the boss. A quick explanation later, we gave Morchok a shot and were able to whittle him down to being below 20% on our first pull. Our second try was rewarded with his face smashing the ground and our pockets a little richer. (Even a gem crept its way into our bags, thanks to the vendor. We did have someone who didn't quite see the big star that had been placed on her forehead... but who am I to judge?) More trash for Zon'Ozz, more loot, more gold and a repair bill later, we were finally able to get crackin'!!

    The pizza break timer went up.

    Armed with a bowl of lucky charms, I replaced myself at the desk and listened to our instructions (Which, all things considered for poor Vern ended up pretty well. We only had him bombarded with questions after the first twenty seconds.) that depicted us easy winners. A half dozen wipes later, we were able to get the boss down to our best percentage of the night - 46%. Go Us!!!

    The moral of the story - We went. Got lost. Went again, tried, accomplished and in the end of the day... We all learned. We all tried. We all can go back in a little more experienced.

    Solstice - Our first DS10 Wowscr14

    Much credit for excellent heals (And who is not in the picture) goes to Dianaeve from KoSH. Thank you! We couldn't have done it without you.

    Tomorrow we battle again.

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