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    Blast from the Past - Part I


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    Blast from the Past  -  Part I Empty Blast from the Past - Part I

    Post by Sayora on Tue May 01, 2012 12:04 am

    Tonight we ran BWL, OS3D and Onyxia's lair (25) with the following members:
    DDark, Finaldark, Sayora, Bonesnaper, Renzler, Madmaardigan, Valiandrie, Nezhara, Valandria and Seleane.

    Our encounters...

    Blast from the Past  -  Part I Wowscr10

    ^ Honest, the group WAS notified that there would be a photo opportunity after Sarth was downed. We all lined up around her, but then she disappeared!! ... Someone skinned her, haha! We changed the photo location to the door gate and pretended to be SG1 members.

    Then came Onyxia...

    I took a few shots, but realized someone was not with us (Which is why they didn't make the cut) and that member got tank-ganked back to the group. However, they were turned backwards, so we all turned. But.. who could resist a butt shot?! v

    Blast from the Past  -  Part I Wowscr11

    But... we did finally get one good group shot before the night was over!

    Blast from the Past  -  Part I Wowscr12

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