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    Guild Rules Empty Guild Rules

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    Aministrative -

    1. Changes made to these rules are not likely but in the event they are changed, the decision to do so has been made with Officer consultations and a final decision from the GM.
    2. Chain of Command needs to be followed. A Veteran is your go-to person for questions and suggestions with regards to guild policy. They have been with the over-all group the longest, or have earned enough clout with the Officers and GM to receive this status. They will be able to answer most questions for you about ongoing situations or topics, guild directives and direction. Consulting an Officer is the next step up if your concern is with a rule or security breech. An Officer has been trained to handle Ventrilo incidents and has permission to make decisions within the guild to determine the best action for a situation. The GM should be your final step, and is will have final say on the situation after she is briefed in full detail and has seen all acceptable evidence to any issues the Officers have been unable to handle. (Emails, Screen-shots, etc.)
    3. Only the GM can appoint or remove the rank of Officer, and who holds the title.

    Membership -

    1. To become a member, you must be approved to join and be set up on Ventrilo. Your trial period lasts for at least 7 days and up to 14 days or longer based on activity criteria.
    2. Players must be age 18 or older to join unless you are a family member of an existing member in good standing, or have been approved by the GM.
    3. Disrespect, Racial and Bigotry commentary will not be tolerated from anyone under any circumstances.
    4. Required meetings are held monthly and are posted on the calendar in game. If you are online, you are expected to attend. - Real life takes precedence, and we understand that.
    5. Names: Refrain from creating characters with names that may breech World of Warcrafts C.o.C. The name you chose to use in Vent will also be the name you are called by in general. Please make sure your name 'makes sense'. (A real name or character name is desired above consecutive sylables or vowels. Ex. Kekekekeke)

    Ventrilo -

    1. Ventrilo channels will have Recording and some binds disabled. All channels will permit paging.
    2. Excessive foul language is not permitted in the General Chat channels. Raid, PvP and Party chat are excluded.
    3. Phonetics for your Ventrilo name should be relevant.
    4. You are held 100% accountable for any comments by your name, in text, in speech, in game and out. Text and Speech hold the same weight in effect where discipline is concerned.
    5. Disruptions during meetings are not permitted. [Solstice Members Only.]
    6. If you are planning to invite the members of a group into the Vent, this needs to be approved ahead of time.

    Security -

    1. Personal threats of any kind are not allowed and are subject to harsher disciplinary measures.
    2. As you obtain membership in the guild, you will be assigned a Ventrilo name and password. No one else is permitted to use this, and you should continue to use the same login information.
    3. Be wary of what you type into game, instant message clients, facebook and forums that could be deemed negative about the guild or another member. There are players who will lure you into a conversation and lead you into saying things that they may then copy and paste to the attention of others not privy to your conversation.
    4. Screen shots, Logs and emails are acceptable evidence of rule breeches. These will be verified as best as possible for legitimacy.

    Minding your Manners -

    1. Education - Be prepared to learn, teach and wipe; It's part of the fun! - We discourage members who will become frustrated if you are asked to repeat one fight while other members learn the mechanics.
    2. Giving Back - Helpful donations to the guild bank are always welcome and also help us help you.
    3. Preparedness - Bring your game face when you come to raid or group. Be ready to go (Bio breaks, flasks, food, repairs, and drinks, etc. have been completed beforehand), and have the time to commit when you accept an invite. (If you can't make it this round, we'll catch you on the next one.)
    4. Taking care of our people - Getting our next guild level! When available to do so, bring in guild members to your run or party, to help us with guild points.
    5. Entrepreneurial spirit - Be your own, do your own and plough a field for all of our seeds to be sewn.
    6. Build strong relationships - Help us recruit more friends into our family.
    7. Do the right thing - Make the most sensible choice in all matters you can.

    A member breaching the afforementioned rules will be:

    • On Minor Infringements or First Offenses: Verbally Warned.
    • On Mediocre Infringements or Second Offenses: Possible Demotion
    • On Major Infringements or Multiple Offenses: Receive 12-72 hour ban up to Removal from guild.

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